Theatre Morgan presents August Wilson’s “Jitney”

My friends at Theater Morgan sent me this link: August Wilson’s Jitney.

Additional information:


Murphy Fine Arts Center
2201 Argonne Drive Baltimore, MD
443-885-3625 443.885.8261 (fax) 


Welcome to the August Wilson Playwright blog

By Mike Downing

Welcome to the August Wilson Playwright blog.  My name is Dr. Mike Downing and I’m an  English Professor at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

I have been studying Mr. Wilson’s life and work since 1992 (when I lived and worked in Pittsburgh).  Since then, I have taught, published, and delivered scholarly presentations related to Mr. Wilson.

This blog is intended to serve as a resource for anyone interested in the life and works of Pittsburgh-born playwright, Mr. August Wilson.

I also maintain a website dedicated to Mr. Wilson.