Conversations with August Wilson

Conversations with August Wilson, edited by Jackson Bryer  and Mary Hartig, is an indispensable book for anyone interested in the life, work, and opinions of playwright August Wilson. Image

From Amazon:

Conversations with August Wilson collects a selection of the many interviews Wilson gave from 1984 to 2004. He comments on such subjects as the differences between African Americans and whites, his call for more black theater companies, and his belief that African Americans made a mistake in assimilating themselves into the white mainstream. He also talks about his major influences, what he calls his “four B’s”—the blues, writers James Baldwin and Amiri Baraka, and painter Romare Bearden. Wilson also discusses his writing process and his multiple collaborations with director Lloyd Richards.

The book features contributions from such scholars as Michael Feingold, David Savran, Bill Moyers, Sandra Shannon, Bonnie Lyons, Herb Boyd, and Richard Pettengill.  It is available through Amazon and various other retailers.

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