Happy Birthday, August Wilson!

By Mike Downing

August Wilson was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. on April 27, 1945.


He was a force of nature, a master of language, and a creative dynamo.

His dramatic Century Cycle, depicting African American life during the 20th Century,  will live on for decades, if not centuries, casting a powerful shadow over the African American community, particularly those actors, directors, audiences and theaters who experience his work.

We wish he were alive today to experience the excitement that surrounds his legacy: The August Wilson Center in Pittsburgh, the many playhouses across the country that are staging his plays, and the level of scholarship that has emerged related to his life and works.

Sadly, Mr. Wilson died on October 2, 2005.  Our efforts on this blog, along with the efforts of so many others, strive to keep his legacy alive for future generations.

For additional information on August Wilson, visit the August Wilson Website or his Wikipedia page

One thought on “Happy Birthday, August Wilson!

  1. Dear August. The first play of yours that I read was JOE TURNER’S COME AND GONE. I have a playreaders group – mostly white folks. Everyone LOVED the play and picked it as the best play we had read to date. Then I saw FENCES. And then I read RADIO GOLF. Radio Golf hit it out of the ballpark for me. My playreaders group did an all black play read with audience and full rehearsal. It was sensational. Sound effects too.
    THEN, I just had to read the whole cycle. So I’m up to 8 plays. Still have to read Jitney and King Hedley II. You are a master. To me the greatest American playwright. Not the greatest American Black playwright. Just American playwright. I hope to visit Pittsburgh this summer and meet folks who knew you.

    From your fan club in Alameda, California
    Susan and Jeff Dunn

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