Fences: August Wilson Returns to Miami

fences-august-wilson-miamiFences: August Wilson Returns to Miami

From John Thomason…

“By many accounts, Troy Maxson, the 53-year-old protagonist of August Wilson‘s Fences, is a loser. He’s the bitter breadwinner of a small Pittsburgh family who lives in the thwarted pipe dreams of his past as a once-promising baseball player. And he operates with such blinding resentment — brought on, in no particular order, by himself, his criminal record, the white man, the establishment — that he can’t see the areas in life that work: a loving wife, two bright sons, a roof over his head, a job in waste management that, though not exactly fielding for the Pirates, includes opportunities for advancement. So he sabotages every good thing he has going, making for an indelible theater archetype of a self-fulfilling loser staring down devils only he can see.”

Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Center facing foreclosure

Photo by Mike Downing

By Mike Downing


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that  Dollar Bank is taking action to foreclose on the August Wilson Center for African American Culture, a facility that has struggled to stay afloat almost since the day it opened.

Dollar Bank is seeking to have the Downtown property sold at sheriff sale in a bid to recover $7 million owed on the center’s mortgage.