Ruben Santiago-Hudson Plays August Wilson in a New Show

RUBENBy Mike Downing

The New York Times reports that August Wilson’s long-time friend and collaborator, Ruben Santiago-Hudson is going to play August Wilson in Wilson’s one-man play, “How I Learned What I Learned.”

Santiago-Hudson also served as the artistic director for New York Public Radio’s readings and archival recordings of Wilson’s Century Cycle.


One thought on “Ruben Santiago-Hudson Plays August Wilson in a New Show

  1. On Stage in Oakland, CA: August Wilson’s Fences

    The Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc are the oldest North American African theater troupe in Oakland Ca. They are currently dedicated to the production of The American Century Cycle by, Sir August Wilson, America’s own Shakespeare.

    The troupe is over halfway in its monumental effort to stage the entire American Century Cycle in the chronological order of the decades presented in Wilson’s work.

    Their production of FENCES the sixth play in the ten-play cycle opens on Thanksgiving Day in Oakland CA at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland CA.

    Please support The Lower Bottom Playaz:  “Theater at its most committed”.

    The preservation and perpetuation of Wilson’s amazing work, and keep art alive in the inner cities that so desperately  need the healing inspiration offered in the gospel of Wilson’s peerless American Century Cycle.

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