Powerful ‘Fences’ at People’s Light

From Jim Rutter of Philly.com:People's Light Fences1

“Kamilah Forbes’ unflinching direction refuses to sugarcoat any of their struggles, nor does she once apologize for the means each uses to solve them. Finister leads an excellent ensemble that also includes Troy’s best friend, Bono (Brian Anthony Wilson), and Troy’s daughter, Raynell (Cameron Hicks), the product of an affair.”


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Video: Troy and Cory from “Fences” (Part Two, with Denzel Washington)

BTroy and Cory2y Mike Downing

Note how the audience responds to Denzel’s portrayal of Troy Maxson versus how the audience responds to the James Earl Jones portrayal.

When Denzel address his son, the audience laughs; when James addresses Cory, there is silence.  The lesson is that direction, tone, delivery, locale, and demographics can change the reaction of an audience profoundly.