D.C. Cannot Shy Away from Teaching Boys about August Wilson and Anger

King Hedley II CoverFrom The Washington Post: “As an American black man, I get so frustrated dealing inside a white world where nothing I say can convey how complicated life really is, how just being black adds so much to everyday complexities,” said Timothy Douglas, a Wilson protege who is directing Hedley. “Wilson gives voice to that with his exceedingly insightful language.”

For the entire article, written by Courtland Milloy, click on the image.

One thought on “D.C. Cannot Shy Away from Teaching Boys about August Wilson and Anger

  1. Reblogged this on A.Nzinga's Blog and commented:
    Wilson is a tool to teach young black men about themselves in an artful fashion by reconnecting them with their song, by letting them know that song exist, and connecting the power of that song to their possibilities — it will provide them the critical literacy to understand how important their collective history is to the current moment in their lives where they are fighting to grow into Black Men and to stay literally in life itself. A young actor going though very difficult times and walking with me on my journey though the production of the entire Cycle said to me :” I have a duty to life; its my duty to try”. He got that from Wilson. Wilson has inspired him to find his song and to stay in life. The experience of Wilson is guiding him though dark times and empowering him to fight back – to do his duty to life. This is just one story of many that have come from my walk with Wilson – he is alive in our lives, sustaining our effort on his behalf and helping us sing our song. I am preparing to direct Hedley as well — I look forward to following the DC production. The Lower Bottom Playaz will complete the production of the entire Century Cycle in chronological order with productions of Hedley and Radio Golf.

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