Denzel Washington to Bring August Wilson’s Century Cycle to HBO

By Mike Downing

denzel-washington-safe-house-black-enterpriseYou’ve probably heard this by now, but if not: Acclaimed actor Denzel Washington, in cooperation with the Estate of August Wilson, has agreed to produce all ten of August Wilson’s Century Cycle plays for HBO.  The project is expected to be completed over the course of the next decade.

This was meant to be.  Several years ago, Mr. Wilson himself made it clear that he wanted a black director for Fences.  Now he has that and more.  Clearly, August’s widow, Constanza Romero, is comfortable with Mr. Washington at the helm and we agree.  Mr. Washington will bring a high degree of sensitivity to the work, which bodes well for the productions.

AugustWilsonYou’ll recall that Mr. Washington played the role of Troy Maxson in the Broadway revival of Fences in 2010 (the same part played by James Earl Jones in the original Broadway production, circa 1987-88).

This announcement comes on the heels of The Greene Space’s tremendous effort in committing Mr. Wilson’s Century Cycle to audio.

You can be sure that the August Wilson blog will continue to follow what could turn out to be Mr. Washington’s greatest contribution to the artistic world.

2 thoughts on “Denzel Washington to Bring August Wilson’s Century Cycle to HBO

  1. In the book “Literature: A Portable Anthology Third Edition” By Janet E. Gardner; I question, did August Wilson write the word nigga or nigger? Specifically when the black characters are talking to each other in the play “Fences”. If the author wrote nigga, I think it should say nigga. If the author wrote nigger, I still think it should say nigga. All I was trying to do was complete my homework, and within seconds of reading the book I wanted to put it down. The publishing company is called Bedford/St. Martain’s. Please address this or give me the contact info I need to address this.
    Thank You

    1. I’m a little unsure of your question, but I can say this: By and large Wilson wrote the word “nigger” in his plays. I haven’t seen the Gardner text that you are referring to, so I don’t know if Wilson’s text was altered in any way. I would be surprised if it was, as professors of literature are trained to adhere to the primary text. I can understand this his use of the n-word word can be jarring if you are not ready for it. However, it is important to note that Wilson wrote what he heard…the lyrics of the street, unvarnished. So that’s what’s present in the text.

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