Catching Up: Two New AW Books; ALA Panel Confirmed

By Mike Downing

Pittsburgh CycleMuch has been happening in the world of August Wilson studies.

For example, there are two new books on Wilson, both edited by Sandra Shannon.  The first is “August Wilson’s Pittsburgh Cycle: Critical Perspectives on the Plays,” which is available on Amazon.  I have a chapter in that collection.

Approaches to teaching the playsThe second is “Approaches to Teaching the Plays of August Wilson,” also available for pre-order on Amazon.  This book is a collaboration with Sandra Richards, professor of African American studies at Northwestern.

Also: the panel for the fourth consecutive American Literature Association panel has come together (San Francisco).  Here’s what it will look like:

The Drama of August Wilson

Organized by the August Wilson Society

Chair: Ayodele Nzinga, California Institute of Integral Studies

1. “Standing One’s Ground: Speaking up for the Democratic Options of the Darker Self”

Barbara Lewis, UMass Boston

2. “Theatrical Interculturalism and the Tragic Vision of August Wilson’s Plays”

Frank Obenland, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

3. “Sentimental Value: Myopic Pragmatism in the Plays of August Wilson”

Ken Stuckey, Bentley University

Other kettles are on the stove, as well.  Updates will follow soon.

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