‘The Kiln in Which He Was Fired’: Patti Hartigan to Write August Wilson Biography

Atria BooksBy CoCo Harris

The Atria Books imprint, 37 INK has announced the impending publication of the first major biography of August Wilson.

The New York Times reported that August Wilson: The Kiln Which He was Fired, will be penned by a former Boston Globe theatre critic, Patti Hartigan.

Hartigan plans to draw on her long time theater connection with Wilson and his work to construct a legacy biography with an intention of showing that the artist is not separate from the art.

Constanza Romero, widow of August Wilson, has also committed to cooperating along this process providing information as well access to the August Wilson papers and estate.

37 INK has a focus on African American literary fiction, history, memoir and narrative nonfiction and is led by Vice President and Publisher, Dawn Davis.

With the growing appreciation and exposure of Mr. Wilson’s literary legacy, those of us with new and old connections to his oeuvre look forward to the late 2019 release.

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