August Wilson Journal: Summary

AWJournalBanner Feb 2018

By Mike Downing

Background: The August Wilson Journal is a collaboration between the August Wilson Society and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, who serve as sponsors, along with the University of Pittsburgh, the official publisher of the journal.

The goal is to “promote the study, teaching and performance of Mr. Wilson’s work.”  The journal  features double-blind peer review and is online, open-access.  The initial Call for Papers was released on April 2, 2018.  Currently, the editorial team looks like this:

Editor: Dr. Michael J. Downing, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Managing Editor: Dr. David L. Anderson, Butler County Community College, Professor Emeritus

Reviewers: Dr. Chris Bell, University of North Georgia; Dr. Mary L. Bogumil, Southern Illinois University; Dr. Ellen Bonds, Villanova University; Dr. Artisia Green, William & Mary; Dr. Patrick Maley, Centenary University; Dr. J. Ken Stuckey, Bentley University; Dr. Steven C. Tracy, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Research Assistant: Mr. Thom Addington, Howard University

Editorial Advisory Board: Ms. Kamili Anderson, Howard University, Retired; Dr. Jackson Robert Bryer, University of Maryland, Professor Emeritus; Dr. Laurence A. Glasco, University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Ladrica C. Menson-Furr, The University of Memphis; Dr. Shondrika Moss-Bouldin, Georgia State University; Dr. Alan Nadel, University of Kentucky; Dr. Christopher Rawson, University of Pittsburgh; Dr. Sandra G. Shannon, Howard University, Professor Emeritus; Dr. Kimmika L. H. Williams-Witherspoon, Temple University

Involvement: We ask everyone who might be interested in following the journal to create an account.  This will allow us to notify you when articles are published and other announcements are made.  Your information will not be shared.

If you are in interested in playing a larger role in the journal, please create an account and then send an email to: augustwilson(at), notifying the journal team of your particular interest.  Credentials will be requested.

To Register for the Journal:
Go to the site
There is a REGISTER tab at the top.  Click it.
Fill in the basic fields and press REGISTER at the bottom.

If you have questions, contact the journal at augustwilson(at)

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