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20161006_105643Welcome to the August Wilson Blog.  My name is Dr. Michael Downing and I am Professor of English at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I have been studying the life and work of Mr. Wilson since 1992, when I lived in Pittsburgh and attended numerous Wilson plays at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre.

Since then, I have written a dissertation, taught the entire American Century Cycle, published essays, delivered scholarly presentations, and launched the August Wilson Journal, in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh.  This blog is intended to serve as a searchable database for information related to August Wilson.  The blog is entirely free and will remain that way.  I make no money from the project.  It is a labor of love.

If you would like to contribute, please let me know. I’m always looking for collaborators. I can be reached through the journal at augustwilson@pitt.edu.

Legal copyright holders:  We make every attempt to secure applicable permissions for all material on this site.  However, if you are a legal copyright holder and you see something on the site that has  been used without permission, please contact me at the email address above and we’ll address it.  Photos of Mr. Wilson, in particular, have proliferated on the internet without attribution, so it’s difficult, when posting, to know what’s what. As a scholar and professional journalist, I am highly attentive to attribution and copyright protection, so please communicate with me if you see a problem.

Copyright Notice: Original content is protected by the Creative Commons License as outlined here.  Linked and quoted information belongs to legal copyright holders.  The name “August Wilson Blog” has been established by and belongs to Dr. Michael Downing and may not be used by other parties.

© 2017.  All rights reserved.

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